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How does a treatment develop?

A Cranio - Sacral session takes about 1 hour with the exception of the first one, which takes 1.,5 hours due to the admission interview.

Treatment will be carried out on a treatment table, during which it is advised you wear comfortable clothing. Mostly the skull, spine and the sacrum are being touched.

The techniques used are soft and never invasive. Sometimes they are silent treatments, but when the physical obstruction has an emotional background which is not yet resolved, it may be followed by an SER session (Somato Emotional Release). During such a session, I accompany the client with the physical identification and expel the blockage, releasing experiences and processing unpleasant or traumatic occurrences.

It is important to drink a lot of water after a session in order to properly eliminate by-products which are being released.

Usually people need at least 3 treatments to experience what Cranio - Sacral Therapy can do. It's uncertain what the length of the treatment will be. With some complaints a length of 3-5 sessions suffices, others call for more time.