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Cranio - Sacral Therapy

Cranio - Sacraal system
The Cranio - Sacral system consists of the brain, bone marrow, the thick membrane that surrounds it (dura matter) and the brain fluid that flows between the two. All this is surrounded and protected by the bones of the skull (cranium) and spine down to the bottom of the sacrum. The nervous system is also situated within this system.

Cranio - Sacral rhythm
Within the Cranio - Sacral system the amount of bone marrow fluid rhythmically increases and decreases, as a result pressure differences occur.

These pressure differences cause the rhythmic movements of the meninges, the movement of the cranial bones, as well as the spine and the pelvis.

We can consider this rhythm, the Cranio - Sacral rhythm, the nervous system's respiration. This system controls the operation of everything that happens inside the body. In this way, the Cranio -Sacral rhythm is the third primary life function of the body, alongside respiration and the heart beat.

The rhythm provides the therapist with information on the functioning of the Cranio -Sacral system. When this system functions well, it has a positive influence on the development and functioning of the brain and nervous system. A deficit within this system can lead to a broad spectrum of symptoms.