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Cranio - Sacral Family Constellations

Everything has its own place
The river's water
The banks beside it

J. Kruit


From an early age our lives are familiar with many structures: family, school, blood relatives, and organisations. The rules and laws in such systems are often complicated. It's getting more obvious that many organisational and personal problems are a consequence of a systemic cause.

Bert Hellinger was the founder of this relatively new therapy. The goal is to make the hidden obstructions within a structure visible so that they can be repositioned where necessary, changing the dynamics in order that the person and their whole system can function more healthily.

How does this work? After a conversation about the facts from your family tree, it is possible to gain insight into what occurs during a Cranio - Sacral Therapy session using a family constellation. In this way you can re take your original position again.

Indications for a Constellation

Problems in relationships, divorce, incest, destructive relationships.

Family issues:

Family tragedy such as suicide, abortions, miscarriages. History of war in the family. Black sheep of the family (outcast family member). Not being able to take mourning. Illegitimate child, illegitimate relationships. Adoption.